About EasyCuisineMTL

Welcome to EasyCuisineMTL, a blog created for students by students, where we believe that eating healthy shouldn’t be an obligation but a way of life!

As Graduate Students living in Montreal, we have definitely encountered difficulties when it comes to the kitchen and to keeping ourselves healthy. As students, we know that “eating healthy” can be seen somewhat as a luxury especially when handling the stress of exams, meeting deadlines, and for most of us, as if thats not enough, a job too!

If you have ever felt overwhelmed and thought that there is no way “eating healthy” would fit into your busy schedule, well EasyCuisineMTL is here to help! EasyCuisineMTL is a way for us to contribute to the student community of MTL by sharing easy and healthy recipes that we love and cherish!

Make no mistakes! We are not nutritionists nor chefs, we are simply well-informed and ambitious students just like you who love food and who are looking for a way to stay healthy and busy! and no, these are not mutually exclusive :). In fact, they are even positively correlated: the more healthy you are, the more productive and busy you’ll become!

Follow us on our blog ,Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest and you will discover that eating healthy does not have to be either time consuming or complicated! We will help you say Goodbye to the eternal “ramens”, “hot-dogs”, “pizza deliveries” and Hello to a healthy lifestyle!


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