Montreal Produce Availability all Year Round


We’re lucky to live in a place where there is always a large variety of healthy foods available year round, but prices can vary on seasonal item such as fruits and vegetables. This is where substitutions can play part when cooking to always have ingredients that are in season and thus more cost effective for your typical student on a budget. The important thing is to find what you like and try to keep things simple to not overwhelm yourself and keep your menus simple yet varied and organized.

Ok, so we all grew up hearing about the four food groups, Meat/protein, grain, dairy and fruits/vegetables. These days many tend to neglect the fruits and vegetables group, even though they are the best source for many essential vitamins and minerals. They can also lower the risks of certain diseases such as cancer, diabetes, hart disease, high blood pressure, depression, anxiety.

Even those we are able to get almost any fruit or vegetable year round, they are still seasonal items so the freshness and pricing can depend on the time of year. Below is a list of fruits and vegetables and when the best time to get them is.



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